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If you earn a lot of bonuses up to e, you feel that much awarded yourself that this also increases the risk risk. The continuity is related to how long the game is played continuously. No matter how long we play continuously, the risk of playing more than we think. A game that is not a natural interruption is online Bingo game.

There are different reasons to play, thereby there are different things to think safely to play. Perhaps you’re a social player who thinks you are good to keep up with your friends in the game. It is important to know that socializing is also other ways to socialize. Or maybe the pulse is raising when you rise and want to experience excitement in the game by raising the bet in the poker, and so you are a person who wants to enjoy the excitement. But be careful not to lose control.

Approximately 70% of the Swedes gamble once a year. The gaming company depends on where the gain is played, which game is played. The Swedish game license can go to money charities when you play in a company. The Lottery Controls Office allows the Swedish game market to be legal, safe and reliable. The Lottery Controls Department is an expert in the game and lottery, and the aim of the game market is to be healthy and safe. Licensing to different types of game is an important issue. In Sweden, the games played outside the license of the Lottery Controls Office are illegal.

The correct play is an initiative initiated by Svenska Spel to provide information and advice on healthy gaming habits.

The purpose of the correct play program provides clues and advice on how to educate the game on how to process the game and healthy gaming habits.

As Svenska Spel educates all our employees and products in the game responsibility, and we regularly update our trainings. As part of our preventive responsibility studies, we put the age limits in our products and gazines. In the event that the game becomes risky, we also offer the attention of the player through self-test and the player facilitates the player to keep the game under control. Thanks to the recording of the game, players can easily see the total game histories with the time spent.

In addition, various restrictions such as weekly budget can be placed. We offer players, both svenskaspel.se site and to delete the playback or registration through our gazeminome. We are in a constant dialogue in order to obtain useful information about this issue with the representatives of the treatment of gambling addiction associations and the treatment of gambling addictions, and we are establishing a research commission each year to avoid the problem of gambling.

Our customers should be able to choose which of the ads sent to them. Svenska Spel does not send ads to customers who choose to get out of the program and not playing games for a while. We do not send direct advertising to customers who refuse to receive it by deleting it. Casino Cosmopol players have to register if they wish they are sent to advertising. We make restrictions on marketing and advertising issues for the types of game assessed more risky than others. We do not believe that the customer will be earned by offering a bonus, discount or VIP system. We do not offer automatic loading or free games. The goal is to avoid encouraging more games.

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