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Why did I always have the portrait of Colonel Colonel on the wall. This wall portrait has so much emphasis on even to disturb it.

If I give from another angle there is an Ankara metro in the back. There will be the street trafet and passing people from another angle. The background I can give a tree can use squads that increase or decrease space information. Here is a choice, a preference has been used. The portrait of the colonel worker is mounted in the car colonel. This leads to changes in the detection of element changes in the quadrage. I think it’s no need to say that.

He was asking me “do you have your house”. I wanted to get the movie but the image is not suitable for the silence in the bicers was tall … I wanted to add another conversation in the same place as a sound tape in the same place. The image of the top is the FLU, the lip movement is not selected, while the continuation of the lip is opening the semi-sleeping state, but the ille sounds bad. This has been turned into an attachment? Even if they do not understand the audience that mouth is not enclosing that sentence at the moment.

I switched to 2007 without going to 2005 New Year’s Night and killed the Colonel. A sad death story from neighbors. When you talk, every word from our mouths call himself a image and apply to listening. The death story you listen to is such work, you will imagine when you tell neighbors. The scene is alive in your mind. Yes this is a scene, you are the viewer. If you were watching his death at that moment it was a scene. If you were watching on the screen that has been viewed … Now it is a scene when you are dreaming of listening to it. The only way out of the situation is attempting to rescue the event by interfering with the event, the scene is to be able to view you to the scene. Here’s I always sat in my seat, I was the founder of the stage.

Alper: As we watched the Colonel’s words don’t call images. Yeah I give up. When watching the Colonel, I will not make it from us. Desperation crashes towards endings. If I continued, it extends to Kafka, would I find it when I turned into a Coleplace of the District in a morning, myself … Myself … Albay also doesn’t mind other audience’s connotations. Doesn’t want to leave your house only. But if we force it from here, we could have made the Colonel the victim of Mephisto. We and Albay’s surroundings are now calling the Colonel’s image with metaphors. Colonel also runs from both of us and their metaphor. The scenery is set up during the movie. Before the nature of urban transformation, a house is happening for any reason. Then the Colonel is staging itself with the drawings on the walls that the destruction of the house is not the main show. Then the destructors cough us with dust and smoke. When you have been diving in the metaphor of Colonel, see the slam of labor, the workers’ scene is our, the metaphor of the workers “. Demolished to break down bi you plotted psychological lanscape. It will draw as if you don’t want. If the drawing is not decor, we will look for a kerumet on this map. The last keramet is in the fiction. Each decaltration is connected to each other with a reason. Since Colonel’s language is dissolved in the fiction …

Oktay: In the installation, the image searches for a word or sentence in the detriment of the images.

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