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Of course it is possible to play roulette not only in casinos and casinos on site. However, if you want to deal with this game on the Internet, you should opt for a reputable provider who discloses his contact details and complies with legal provisions. Independent user reviews can usually be used to quickly find out which online providers are recommended.

With many games of chance, it is worthwhile to get to know the most important strategies beforehand. Special strategies are often mentioned in roulette that are supposed to increase the probability of a win. However, this is only the case to a limited extent, as the course of a game cannot be determined in advance. offers an overview of possible strategies in roulette. However, players should not rely on the effectiveness of the strategies mentioned when playing roulette, but rather act with common sense. Otherwise high losses will result.

The different ways to bet and bet at roulette have different odds of winning. The higher the chance of a win, the lower the payout of the eventual win. The table gives an overview of the probabilities in roulette:

There is usually a limit to the size of the bets that players can place in a game of roulette. This is to protect both the player and the provider from excessively high losses. A provider who waives table limits should always be treated with caution.

All too often one hears of gamblers who made sizeable fortunes just by gambling. Professional poker players in particular are often mentioned here. However, roulette is not suitable to finance a whole living, as the game can neither be influenced nor predicted. If you play roulette all the time and want to achieve increased profits with high stakes, you may give up disappointed, because even the bet with the highest chance of winning has a 51.4 percent probability of a loss. It is therefore particularly important not to use roulette as a crucial source of income, as this can result in major financial problems. Players should only bet the money that they can do without in case of doubt.

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