Funzpoints Casino: A Gateway to Exciting Bonuses and Prizes

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Are you on the hunt for a thrilling social casino experience with a chance to win real cash prizes? Look no further than Funzpoints Casino, a captivating platform where players can enjoy over 70 ad-free slots in Premium mode and about a dozen in Standard mode, along with the popular Keno game. Whether you’re a fan of slots or keen on trying your luck with Keno, Funzpoints has something for everyone.

Funzpoints No Deposit Bonus: Claim Your $2.50 Free!

The excitement starts from the moment you sign up at Funzpoints Casino. As a special treat for new players, the Funzpoints no deposit bonus code will automatically apply when you use the exclusive link from You’ll receive 250 Premium Funzpoints ($2.50 value) just for signing up! No purchase is necessary to claim this generous welcome offer.

Funzpoints Casino Promo Code – August 2023

If you’re ready to take your casino adventure to the next level, Funzpoints has more in store for you. When you make your first purchase, you’ll be eligible for a 100% purchase-match bonus up to $20. So, if you purchase $20 worth of Premium Funzpoints, you’ll get an additional 4,000 Premium Funzpoints, totaling $22.50 in bonuses. No bonus code is needed to unlock this fantastic offer; simply use the link provided to get started.

How to Claim Free Premium Credits

Claiming your free Premium Funzpoints is a breeze. First, register for a Funzpoints account on their website. Then, verify your account through the email sent to you. Next, update your profile with your name and address. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll receive $2.50 in Premium Funzpoints absolutely free. Plus, there’s no purchase necessary to enjoy this exciting offer!

How Do You Win Cash Prizes at Funzpoints Casino?

At Funzpoints Casino, you have two ways to win cash prizes. First, play the games using Premium Funzpoints and redeem your winning credits for real cash prizes. Second, enter the daily jackpot drawing by playing the games using Standard Funzpoints or Premium Funzpoints. Every 500 Funzpoints you win will grant you one ticket to the daily prize drawing with a chance to win a share of the $1,000 prize pool.

Funzpoints $1000 Daily Jackpot Drawing

Imagine waking up to the news that you’ve won a cash prize from Funzpoints’ $1,000 daily jackpot drawing. You get one ticket to the drawing for every 500 Funzpoints won in both Premium and Standard modes. And that’s not all – every three hours, you can spin the FunzWheel for more chances to win up to 10,000 free Funzpoints or 80 tickets to the Daily Jackpot. The excitement never stops at Funzpoints Casino!

Spin the FunzWheel for Extra Rewards

The FunzWheel adds an extra layer of fun to your gaming experience. Every three hours, you get a chance to spin the FunzWheel and win amazing rewards. You could land anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 Standard Funzpoints and even earn tickets to the Daily Jackpot drawing. With the mystery ticket spot on the wheel awarding 100+ tickets, there’s no telling what incredible prizes await you!

Funzpoints Facebook: More Ways to Win!

If you’re active on Facebook, you’ll love Funzpoints even more. Follow Funzpoints on Facebook for special bonuses and promotions posted regularly. It’s another excellent way to score some free Premium Funzpoints and stay connected with the casino’s exciting updates.

Funzpoints Rewards: VIP Perks and Benefits

Become a Funzpoints VIP by joining the loyalty program. To qualify for VIP status, all you need to do is spend $4.99 a month. As a VIP member, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of perks and benefits, including access to premium points, over 50 additional slot games without ads, a trophy room, and much more. The VIP experience elevates your casino journey to new heights.

Sunday FunZday: A Funzpoints Bonus Tradition

Existing customers will be delighted to discover the Sunday FunZday tradition. Keep an eye out for pop-ups offering a 500 premium Funzpoints bonus on your first purchase each Sunday. It’s a fantastic way to boost your balance and enjoy even more spins and chances to win big.

Funzpoints Boosters: Amplify Your Winnings

Funzpoints Boosters pop up during gameplay, providing you with more opportunities to win Funzpoints. Boosters are available in standard mode for select games and all games in premium mode. When you encounter a Booster, you know it’s your chance to amplify your winnings and experience the thrill of a higher payout.

FunzPoints Casino: Quick Facts

Before you embark on your Funzpoints journey, here are some quick facts to keep in mind:

  • Funzpoints offers a no-deposit bonus of $2.50 (250 Premium Funzpoints) to new players, no purchase required.
  • The minimum number of Funzpoints you need to redeem for a cash prize is 2,000, equivalent to $20.
  • Funzpoints offers over 70 games in Premium mode and about a dozen in Standard mode, including slots and Keno.
  • The return-to-player (RTP) rate at Funzpoints is 96.5% or higher, ensuring fair and rewarding gameplay.
  • The casino’s customer support is highly responsive and available to assist you at any time.
  • Funzpoints is a sweepstakes casino, legally available in all US states except for WA and ID.
  • The casino doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, but you can easily play via a mobile web browser as their site is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Funzpoints boasts a $1,000 daily jackpot prize pool divided among 100 winners.
  • Any purchase at Funzpoints unlocks all games for 30 days, removes all ads, and grants access to the trophy room.

Pros of FunzPoints Casino

  • Vibrant and colorful social gaming platform.
  • Easy switch between Standard play and Premium play modes.
  • Win tickets to the $1,000 Jackpot drawing in both modes.
  • Fast cash prize redemptions with a low $20 prize minimum.
  • Impeccable customer service available 24/7.
  • Legal and accessible in almost every US state.

Cons of FunzPoints Casino

  • No jackpot slots available.
  • Limited slot categories and search options.

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Slots Currently Available at Funzpoints Casino

Funzpoints Casino offers a wide array of slots and Keno games, with new releases and exciting features to keep you entertained. Here are some of the games available at Funzpoints Casino:

Burst of Fruit

Burst of Fruit is a vibrant and exciting slot game featuring a 5×4 reel array, a high return-to-player (RTP) rate of 96.5%, and 30 fixed paylines. The game’s cascading win feature adds to the thrill, with symbols bursting and disappearing after a qualifying win. The cascade feature continues until no more payline wins occur, increasing your chances of landing impressive combinations. The free spin bonus also offers a Spin Until You Win feature, keeping the excitement going until you achieve a winning combination.

Wheel of Riches

Get ready for the big win with Wheel of Riches! This slot offers 720 ways to win and comes with various exciting features, including Instant Wins and four jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega Jackpot. Spin the wheel and win up to 3,750 credits! The game features classic symbols like Hearts, Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, and 7s, along with a Jokers Wild symbol to spice up your gaming experience.

High Stakes FEVER

Take your gaming to new heights with High Stakes FEVER, a 12-reel Scatter Play Game with a Poker Chip Reel that can be triggered during the Free Spin Bonus. The Poker Chip Reel features Scatter Pay Poker Chips with multipliers ranging from 2x to 20x. Achieve six or more dealer symbols, and you’re in for high-stakes fun. The game also offers Wild Chips, Free Spins, and Bonus Spins to elevate your winnings.


Funzpoints Casino is a thrilling platform that offers exciting bonuses, daily jackpot drawings, and a wide range of engaging games. With a chance to win real cash prizes and a vibrant social gaming community, Funzpoints is a top choice for players seeking an enjoyable and rewarding casino experience. Don’t miss out on claiming your $2.50 no deposit bonus and start spinning those reels today!


  1. How do I claim the Funzpoints no deposit bonus? Claiming the Funzpoints no deposit bonus is simple. Use the exclusive link from to sign up for an account at Funzpoints Casino. The bonus will be automatically applied, and you’ll receive 250 Premium Funzpoints ($2.50 value) for free.
  2. What is the Funzpoints Casino promo code for August 2023? For August 2023, Funzpoints Casino offers a 100% purchase-match bonus up to $20 on your first purchase. No specific promo code is needed; just use the provided link to claim the bonus.
  3. How many games are available at Funzpoints Casino? Funzpoints offers over 70 games in Premium mode and about a dozen in Standard mode, including slots and Keno. The library includes exclusive titles and regularly introduces new games to keep the experience fresh and exciting.
  4. How do I win cash prizes at Funzpoints Casino? You can win cash prizes at Funzpoints Casino by playing games using Premium Funzpoints. When you win credits, you can redeem them for cash prizes. Additionally, you can enter the daily jackpot drawing by playing with Standard Funzpoints or Premium Funzpoints. Every 500 Funzpoints won will earn you one ticket to the daily prize drawing.
  5. Is Funzpoints Casino legal in my state? Funzpoints Casino is legally available in all US states except for Washington (WA) and Idaho (ID). Players in other states can enjoy the exciting social casino experience and a chance to win real cash prizes.
  6. Are there any drawbacks to playing at Funzpoints Casino? While Funzpoints Casino offers an excellent gaming experience, it does not have jackpot slots available, and the slot categories and search options are limited.
  7. What are Funzpoints Boosters, and how do they work? Funzpoints Boosters are special features that pop up during gameplay, providing you with more opportunities to win Funzpoints. Boosters are available in standard mode for select games and all games in premium mode. When activated, they enhance your chances of landing bigger and more frequent wins.
  8. Is there a mobile app for Funzpoints Casino? Funzpoints Casino does not have a dedicated mobile app, but the casino’s website is optimized for mobile devices. Players can easily access and enjoy the games through their mobile web browser for a seamless gaming experience on the go.

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