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In the exciting world of Pet Simulator X, one of the most thrilling aspects for players is the opportunity to unlock and collect a wide array of adorable and powerful pets. These furry companions, ranging from the cute and cuddly to the mythical and majestic, bring a whole new level of excitement to the game. What makes it even more exhilarating is the availability of Merch Codes – special codes that unlock fantastic pets, some of which are exclusive and rare, making them highly sought after by players.

Unlocking the Realm of Merch Codes

Merch Codes open up a world of possibilities in Pet Simulator X, offering players the chance to acquire unique pets that can’t be obtained through regular gameplay. These codes are typically associated with plushies and toys purchased from the BIG Games Shop and other participating retailers. Each Merch Code reveals a pet that adds flair and fun to your collection, making your in-game companionship even more diverse and exciting.

Let’s take a look at some of the incredible pets that can be obtained through Merch Codes:

The Enchantment of Huge Pets

One of the highlights of the Merch Codes collection is the assortment of huge pets. These larger-than-life companions bring a sense of grandeur and uniqueness to your pet lineup. From the Huge Cat to the Huge Dragon, each of these majestic creatures carries its own charm and appeal. Whether you want a mythical creature or a cheerful yeti, there’s a Huge Pet for everyone’s taste.

Titanic Marvels

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and wonder to your pet collection, the Titanic Plush Pets are the perfect choice. The Titanic Red Balloon Cat and the Titanic Hippomelon are just a couple of examples of these larger-than-life plushies that are sure to capture your heart. Each Titanic pet is a statement of its own, making you stand out in the world of Pet Simulator X.

Exclusive DLC Pets

For those who crave the extraordinary and want to showcase their uniqueness, the Exclusive DLC Pets from Merch Codes are the ideal companions. From the Huge Chest Mimic to the Huge Sapphire Phoenix, these pets are not only impressive but also limited in availability, adding an exclusive touch to your collection.

Unlocking these magnificent pets through Merch Codes is a thrilling experience, and it’s a testament to the exciting world of Pet Simulator X. With each code, you gain access to a new level of pet variety and enjoyment, making your journey through the game even more captivating.


In any game, there are bound to be certain changes and updates that players should be aware of. In the case of Pet Simulator X, there are a few essential notices that every player should keep in mind.

Removed Content – A Glimpse into the Past

As with any evolving game, there might be content that was once a part of the game but has since been removed or made unobtainable. This could be due to various reasons, such as limited-time events or a decision made by the developers. While it’s always exciting to experience new content, it’s also essential to understand that some items or features might be historical in nature, serving as a memory of the game’s growth and development. So, if you stumble upon something that’s no longer accessible, remember that it’s part of the game’s evolution and history.

Controversial Content – A Call for Sensitivity

In the vast world of gaming, discussions and opinions are aplenty. Sometimes, content may become controversial, leading to sensitive discussions. Pet Simulator X is no exception, and it’s important to approach any controversial content with sensitivity and respect. For instance, if certain YouTubers or influencers have been part of the community and their actions or influence have sparked debates, it’s crucial to handle the discussion with respect for different perspectives. It’s all part of creating a positive gaming environment where everyone can enjoy the game and its community.

Pets Obtainable by Merch Codes

One of the most exciting aspects of the Merch Codes is the incredible variety of pets they unlock in Pet Simulator X. From adorable creatures to awe-inspiring giants, each pet has its own unique charm. Let’s take a closer look at some of the remarkable pets that can be obtained through Merch Codes:

Huge Pets

The Huge Pets category is a true crowd-pleaser. These larger-than-life companions are not just big in size; they’re big on personality and presence. Imagine having a Huge Cat or a Huge Dragon by your side as you explore the world of Pet Simulator X. These pets not only make a statement but also provide a fantastic gameplay experience. Who wouldn’t want to have a colossal and friendly creature as a loyal companion?

Titanic Plush Pets

The Titanic Plush Pets are a sight to behold. Imagine having a Titanic Red Balloon Cat or a Titanic Hippomelon as your loyal pet. These plushies are not only adorable but also a symbol of grandeur. They stand out in any collection, making you the envy of other players. The Titanic Plush Pets are the perfect choice for those who want to make a big impact and show off their style.

Exclusive DLC Pets

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, Exclusive DLC Pets from Merch Codes are the way to go. These pets are not only fantastic companions but also limited in availability, adding a touch of exclusivity to your collection. Pets like the Huge Chest Mimic or the Huge Sapphire Phoenix are rare treasures that only a few players will possess. Having an exclusive pet not only sets you apart but also adds a sense of pride to your pet collection.

Each of these pet categories brings something special to the table, and the best part is that you can obtain them through Merch Codes. It’s all about expanding your pet collection, making your gameplay more exciting, and expressing your unique style in the world of Pet Simulator X.


In the exciting world of Pet Simulator X, there’s always something interesting to learn. From fun facts to little-known details, trivia adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the game. Let’s dive into some captivating trivia about Pet Simulator X:

The Golden and Rainbow Touch

Did you know that when you redeem a pet in Pet Simulator X, there’s a chance it could be a Golden pet? That’s right! Except for the Huge Cat, each pet has a 10% chance of becoming Golden when redeemed. But that’s not all! There’s an even rarer treasure – the Rainbow pet. Your redeemed pet has a 1% chance of being a dazzling Rainbow pet. It’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but in the form of adorable virtual pets!

Season 1 Merch Code Marvel

When the Season 1 Merch Codes were released, the Pet Simulator X community witnessed an influx of excitement. Thirteen new huge pets were introduced, leading to lively discussions among players. However, this also sparked a bit of controversy, as some players felt there were too many huge pets introduced at once. It’s a testament to the game’s evolving nature, and the team behind Pet Simulator X keeps things fresh and vibrant for players.

The Swift Sale and Popularity

The demand for some plushies was so high that they sold out in mere minutes! The Huge Cat, Axolotl, Monkey, Dog, and Dragon plushies flew off the virtual shelves as players scrambled to get their hands on these delightful companions. In contrast, the Corgi and Ducky plushies took a bit longer to sell out, thanks to their surprise announcement and the anticipation built by popular YouTubers. It’s a reminder of the enthusiastic community that surrounds Pet Simulator X.

The Hoverboard Reward

Redeeming a Merch Code not only grants you an incredible pet but also rewards you with the Bee Hoverboard and/or the Rainbow Hoverboard. These unique items add an extra layer of fun to your gameplay, allowing you to explore the world of Pet Simulator X in style. It’s like riding the wind alongside your loyal pets!

Codes that Reset

In February 2023, an intriguing phenomenon occurred in Pet Simulator X. Some codes seemed to reset, allowing players to re-claim old codes. This had a noticeable impact on the in-game economy, leading to an influx of Huge Cats and even impossible versions, such as shinies. It was an unexpected turn of events that added a touch of excitement and intrigue to the Pet Simulator X universe.


Pet Simulator X is more than just a game; it’s a captivating world filled with adorable pets, exciting challenges, and a vibrant community. The inclusion of Merch Codes adds a delightful twist, allowing players to unlock fantastic pets and express their unique style. From the grandeur of huge pets to the exclusivity of DLC pets, each pet obtained through Merch Codes brings something special to your collection.

As you explore the game, keep in mind the notices, stay sensitive to controversial content, and enjoy the thrill of uncovering new pets. The world of Pet Simulator X is ever-evolving, and there’s always something exciting around the corner.


  1. How can I obtain Merch Codes for Pet Simulator X? Merch Codes are typically included with plushies and toys purchased from the BIG Games Shop and other participating retailers. These codes unlock special pets in Pet Simulator X, adding diversity to your collection.
  2. What kind of pets can I obtain through Merch Codes? Merch Codes offer a variety of pets, including huge pets, Titanic plush pets, and exclusive DLC pets. Each category has its own unique selection, allowing you to choose the pets that resonate with your preferences.
  3. Can Merch Codes be re-used? No, once you redeem a Merch Code, it cannot be re-used. These codes are for one-time use only, so make sure to choose your pet carefully.
  4. What is the significance of the Bee Hoverboard and Rainbow Hoverboard? Redeeming a Merch Code not only grants you a pet but also rewards you with the Bee Hoverboard and/or the Rainbow Hoverboard. These items allow you to navigate the Pet Simulator X world with style and flair.
  5. Why are some plushies and pets more popular than others? The popularity of plushies and pets can be influenced by various factors, including their announcement, the involvement of popular YouTubers, and the unique appeal of each pet. Some plushies, like the Huge Cat, may sell out quickly due to high demand.
  6. What is the significance of Golden and Rainbow pets? When you redeem a pet through a Merch Code, there’s a chance it could become a Golden pet (excluding the Huge Cat). Golden pets add a touch of elegance and rarity to your collection. Additionally, there’s an even rarer chance of obtaining a Rainbow pet, making it a coveted treasure in Pet Simulator X.
  7. Why did some codes seem to reset in February 2023? In February 2023, some codes in Pet Simulator X appeared to reset, allowing players to re-claim old codes. This unexpected event had an impact on the in-game economy, leading to the availability of more Huge Cats and even unique versions, such as shinies.
  8. Are there plans for more Merch Codes and exclusive pets in the future? While specific plans may not be disclosed, the Pet Simulator X team is known for keeping the game fresh and exciting for players. It’s always a good idea to stay tuned for announcements and updates, as there’s a possibility of more Merch Codes and exclusive pets in the future.

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